Doorpac are a Certifire licensed manufacturer of glazed and unglazed

apertures. With many doors now only carrying certification if apertures are machined by Certifire accredited suppliers you can be confident that the glazed aperture supplied by Doorpac meets the specification contained within the fire test certificate.

At Doorpac we can supply a wide variety of glazed apertures including:

• Glazed apertures providing both Fire Integrity & Insulation

• Glazed apertures with integrated privacy blinds, including Vistamatics.

• Manifestations to the glass

  1. Hardwood beading to match the veneer used as standard
    but contrasting beads also available.

• Glazing systems using stainless steel surrounds also available.

• Wide variety of glass types available including clear, wired, etched and textured glass.

• Fire-rated air transfer grilles also supplied and fitted.

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