Fire doors are an important element in the fire safety of a building. They act as just another door for most, if not all of their lives. But, when a fire breaks out, they must work as an engineered safety device. All the components have to work together to hold back the lethal spread of smoke and flame for a specified time.

Fire doors are fitted as a result of needs identified in the Building Regulations. In England and Wales, the Building Regulations are made up of parts (for example Part B) with associated approved documents providing guidance as to how these regulations can be achieved.

The principal regulation and guidance for fire doors is contained in Approval Document B: 2006: Fire Safety (Volume 1: Dwelling houses and Volume 2: Buildings other than dwelling houses). It also recommends the use of third party accredited products to ensure confidence that the required level of performance can be achieved.

Third party certification comprises fire tests and verification of a fire door's design, performance, manufacturing process and quality assurance from manufacture to installation and includes any additional work carried out on the door, such as the addition of glazed vision panels, and the components fitted to them.

Doorpac is a member of the BWF-Certifire Fire Door and Doorset Scheme. This means we have achieved independent third party certification for our fire door products.

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